A Blessed 46 – Tygerberg Children’s Choir Gala Concert


Tygerberg Children's ChoirTygerberg Children’s Choir hold the first of two farewell concerts for Hennie and Theresa Loock, who will retire at the end of March 2019.

A Blessed 46 – The World Choir Games programme will be performed at the Gala Concert on 10 June at 16:00 at the Hugo Lambrechts Auditorium, Picton Street, Parow. Book at Computicket

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2018 is an eventful year, filled not only with the excitement of participating in the World Choir Games, for the first time ever on home ground in Tshwane, Gauteng, but also with the upheaval and distress caused by the sudden, grave illness of our most beloved accompanist, arranger and Hennie Loock’s right hand and support for four decades – Theresa Loock. Theresa has been on compulsory sick leave since the beginning of the year and the choir is very grateful to have obtained the services of accomplished pianist Theo Alkema as accompanist for the remainder of 2018.

In this year’s concert programme, it was decided to do things differently. The format of the programme mirrors the World Choir Games programme, category by category. The choir will participate in a mammoth four categories – Children’s Choirs, Folklore with accompaniment, Musica Sacra with accompaniment and Pop Choirs. Those who will not have the privilege to experience the choir in Tshwane will at least have the opportunity to do so at the concerts. An interesting addition to the programme is the use of a rhythm section in the Pop Choirs category, consisting of guitar, bass guitar and drums.

As you may or may not be aware, children can only be members up to the end of their Gr 8 year and therefore the choir is extremely grateful for the selfless sacrifice of a core group of Gr 9’s who have agreed to stay on until the end of the Choir Games this year, giving the choir a much-needed, solid musical base which is an absolute prerequisite for performing at the optimum level at such an important competition against the world’s very best. A significant amount of key solo work, dancing and instrumental accompaniment makes the Gr 9’s unmissable in the choir’s quest for perfection.

This programme is dedicated to Hendrik D Loock, an enigma in the global choral tapestry and arguably one of the very, very best leaders of children’s choirs in the history of choir singing, and his wife Theresa. Hennie’s special talent for leading the choir to unsurpassed legato singing, maturity of sound, musical power and dynamic interpretation of very difficult material is truly a wonderful gift, never to be forgotten, to be cherished forever.

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