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The Playhouse Company’s annual Ingoma competition has been a success story over the years and 2017 sings no different tune!

Ingqayizivele 2014 competition
Ingqayizivele 2014 competition

Celebrating its 6th year, the competition moves to a bigger venue due to popular demand.

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This year the competition will take place at Curries Fountain, with over 36 Zulu dance groups competing for prizes, trophies and prestige, with the total prize money offered at the value of R197,400

The term, “ingoma” literally translates as an “anthem” in the isiZulu language, however nowadays it tends to refer to the many and varied dance styles that exist within the Zulu culture, particularly in the competitive arena. Groups who enter the competition will be judged on their performances in the following seven dance style categories: oMama Besigekle, uShameni, Ingoma Yezinsizwa, Ingoma Yezintombi, Ingoma Sekhuze, Umzansi and Indlamu.

Traditionally, each particular dance is performed by specific people of a particular age, gender and status and at a particular time or period such as a season or a month of an event such as a wedding. Body position and movements are highly specific to the particular dance style and region. In fact, even with a region such as KwaZulu-Natal, dance styles may vary from village to village. Dance among Zulu people is said to operate similarly to language and a medium through which to communicate history.

“The Playhouse Company’s mandate is to produce equitable programmes of live theatre productions in the fields of music, drama and dance which are representative of all our diverse cultural groups that comprise the population of KwaZulu-Natal. We are proud that as an institution we have been able to cement our reputation in producing a competition of this magnitude which upholds and celebrates our wonderful various traditional art forms,” said The Playhouse Company’s CEO and Artistic Director, Linda Bukhosini.

The 2017 Ingoma competition will take place on Tuesday, 21 March from 09h00 and free admission is granted to all patrons.

For further information about this event, please contact Khulekani Kunene on 031 369 9440 or visit www.playhousecompany.com

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