And the black cat got away… to Hilton!


Friday 13th is considered an inauspicious day riddled with superstitions, folklore and legend.

Friday the 13th at Hilton Arts Festival (Photo: Illa Thompson)
Friday the 13th at Hilton Arts Festival (Photo: Illa Thompson)

Actors are, and always have been, a superstitious bunch … To this day there are a myriad theatre rules like no whistling on stage, sleeping with the script under their pillow, and saying “break a leg” as a goodwill greeting ahead of a performance.

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Acknowledging some of the more popular and in particular theatre-related superstitions, is popular urban aerosol artwork specialist and spoken word poet, IainEWOKRobinson, who is one of the busiest performers at the Hilton festival this weekend.

To avoid any jinxing, the photo was taken outdoors – away from anything theatrical!

Look carefully and see how many suspicions you can see in this pic? (clue there are nine of them!)

The answer can be found if you visit

EWOK returns to his spoken word roots, performing his one man piece, Unentitled, in the Drama Centre tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday, and between his shows will be doing a Banksy on the crowd where he will be creating an exciting and unusual “art to auction” project, iPalette (playing on the prominence of digital painting in cutting edge contemporary art and design). The hashtags #wonderwall, #helpinghands are all clues to the theme of the artwork. All funds raised from the auction will go to several Early Childhood Development charities.

Today – Friday 13 September – marks the first day of the Hilton Arts Festival, with an array of thespians, musicians and artists converging on the magnificent grounds of Hilton College for the weekend-long arts festival.

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