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South African-born singer-songwriter Ashlinn Gray relocated to the States and has released her first internationally recorded single “STFU”.

Ashlinn Gray's first internationally recorded single "STFU"
Ashlinn Gray’s first internationally recorded single “STFU”

She has come a long way since her humble beginnings in 2015. Making her industry debut when she was just 16, Ashlinn has, over the years, matured and grown as an individual, as well as in her art.

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The edgy artist is embracing her unique power, and unapologetically so, with the release of STFU. In a world that dictates how we are to behave, to dress, to talk and to live, Ashlinn says “to hell with that.” Not wanting to succumb to the pressure of the naysayers, the haters, Gray is making her mark once and for all, taking a defiant stand and above all else, taking a risk.

The new single, which was produced by Abe Dertner in LA, USA, is a mix of rock, pop and hip hop. It’s highly unpredictable, harsh and unforgiving, but her magnetic vocals provide a fragment of hope and familiarity: the innocence of youth navigating their way through life’s hurdles and the tricky task of establishing one’s identity.

“We are all trying to figure our shit out,” Ashlinn says. “I’m here to own it. Embrace it. Communicate it. Speak to it. We can all help each other figure life out but I’m not here to pay any mind to those who are going to rain on my good vibes with their negativity fountain.”

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