ASSITEJ SA appeals for support for powerful play Dipalo


Assitej SAA powerful play for teenagers waits in the wings but needs support to be staged.

In South Africa, we can feel numbed from the assault of ongoing violence and abuse by those in power – but feeling numb, is dangerous…it leads to passivity and hopelessness. And this is especially so, when we think about our young people. We need to wake up, to engage, to find positive ways to make a difference so that we can deal effectively with this scourge. Empowering young people to think critically about the world around them, and to engage with it proactively, with a firm belief that they can make a difference, is crucial to our future. Plays like Dipalo are powerful vehicles for effecting this!

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On World Day of Theatre for Young Audiences, 20 March, ASSITEJ SA was delighted to announce that Dipalo was the winner of the 2nd African Playwriting competition.

It was selected from almost 40 plays from all over the continent, including Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. A shortlist of 8 plays was announced in December 2018, including 3 plays from the greater African Continent, and 5 from South Africa.

Get behind this fast-paced, engaging production, which will have a powerful impact on the audiences it reaches. This important and timely theatre piece explores the agency of young people in an exploitative world, and is highly relevant and engaging for teens today. ASSITEJ SA is looking for support to stage the play, and you can be part of the solution by supporting Selloane Mokuku and Ginni Manning in their important journey of bringing Dipalo to the stage. They have launched a Thundafund crowdfunding campaign to ensure that their play steps out of the wings and onto the stage:

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