ASSITEJ SA calls for conference & workshop papers


Assitej SAASSITEJ South Africa invites you to submit proposals for the conference and professional development programme at Cradle of Creativity, Baxter Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa, from 20-25 August 2019.

We will be presenting a range of workshops, seminars, informal conversations and formal research symposia with national and international artists and researchers. These events will be open to all delegates, providing opportunities for local, national and international artists and experts to connect and share.

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The following areas will be explored:

  • Child Participation in Theatre for Young Audiences – the child as dramaturg, the child as creative collaborator, and theatre mediation for children and young people
  • Dance Theatre for Young Audiences – approaches to engaging children and young people with the multiple languages of dance and physicality, and their potential to cross the narrow linguistic borders that can separate us
  • Theatre for Young Audiences in Africa – sharing the diversity of approaches from across the continent
  • Indigenous languages in Theatre for Young Audiences – exploring the role of indigenous languages in theatre for young audiences, being “at the heart of each person’s unique identity, cultural history and memory”, as described by the UN in relation to their announcement of 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages.
  • Inclusive theatre – focusing on new approaches to ensuring access for all children and young people to theatre
  • Eco-theatre – exploring how theatre can empower children and young people to effective action to support the future of our planet
  • Early year’s theatre – considering the aesthetics of theatre for the very young
  • Contemporary themes in Theatre for Young Audiences – addressing the taboos, barriers and boundaries that exist and how these may be confronted through innovative theatre

Deadline for proposals: 17 June 2019
Selection will be completed by 30 June 2019

Please complete the Application form which also serves as registration for you as a delegate to the event. Unfortunately, ASSITEJ SA is not able to pay the costs of participation in the Cradle of Creativity for presenters. However, we will assist your fundraising with invitation letters and letters of support should these be helpful.

Please click here to apply [ ]. Once you have filled out the form, you will receive a confirmation of submission, followed by an invoice for your delegate package.

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