Black Matter imparts collective consciousness through sound and image


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Black Matter - Tour Poster (JHB)In association with Concerts SA, the Black Matter collaborative project will complete its regional premiere tour this weekend in Johannesburg’s Newtown Music Factory, after successful workshops and public presentations in Swaziland and Mozambique.

Inspired by an African sound with the backdrop of African mythology, cosmology and astronomy, the Black Matter project is fostering creative collaboration between artists in the southern African music space.

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Black Matter’s incredible line-up includes Mozambican beatmaker Nandele (Kongoloti Records), Swazi-based musicians Hanwah and duo Mr. Freddy (Rondavel Records), and South African creative duo Fifi the Rai Blaster and Kanif the JhatMaster (Iapetus Records).

The Black Matter show in Newtown Music Factory will consist of a stunning art installation of light, darkness and sound inspired by the Dogon tribe of Mali and the Khoi and San people of southern Africa.

Made up of Ralph Smith on trumpet and toys, and Ugandan-born Mwesigwa Kisaakye on drums, duo Mr Freddy says: “We are very excited about this. It is a rare occurrence that projects from Swaziland get to tour with projects from the neighbouring countries. It has always been an obvious but inaccessible route as alternative indie projects. As a result of the Black Matter show in Swaziland we have already started work on a collaborative EP with some of the arists involved, and we will play some of this new music on the Black Matter tour.”

Black Matter Tour
Johannesburg Leg

Newtown Music Factory
(former Bassline)

12 May 2018 – 20h00

Mozambican beatmaker Nandele says: “Collaboration is one of the best things that an artist can do in their music career. It is a way to share what you know best, and at the same time an opportunity to learn and exchange ideas, when an artist gets out of his or her comfort zone and tries something new.  I think this is what Black Matter it is all about, it is important that we, among ourselves in our huge African contingent, should keep on pushing for collaborations like this. We will learn about our vast and rich culture.”

Fifi the Raiblaster
Fifi the Raiblaster

The Black Matter Tour is supported by Concerts SA through the Music Mobility Fund, a funding mechanism which offers opportunities for South African musicians to undertake live music tours.

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