‘Burnt Vhuwani’ debuts in historic Sophiatown


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'Burnt Vhuwani' debuts in historic Sophiatown
Burnt Vhuwani at Sophiatown The Mix

Playwright Simo Majola presents his production, ‘Burnt Vhuwani’, in community settings after a successful and well-received run at the Joburg Theatre.

‘Burnt Vhuwani’ debuts in historic Sophiatown and her sister community in Meadowlands.

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Burnt Vhuwani is an activistic, educational production that uses the past to connect with the present and foresee the future by reflecting on two events: the June 16, 1976 uprising and the Fees Must Fall movement. The production also touches on significant historical events like the 1955 Sophiatown forced removals, the adoption of the Freedom Charter in Kliptown, and the Sharpeville massacre.

Burnt Vhuwani at Sophiatown The Mix
Burnt Vhuwani at Sophiatown The Mix

Majola said: ‘Presenting this play in the communities affected by the story is important to me, to promote discussion between generations of residents who lived through it and those who continue to live the consequences of our history. Fees Must Fall is a continuing story of necessary activism to secure basic rights promised in the Freedom Charter, our Constitution and political manifestos. Young people can be more effective in realising their rights and holding political leaders to account if they have the benefit of what has happened in our history.’

This production is part of an initiative designed to activate heritage sites and museum spaces through theatre, to give learners a sensory and kinaesthetic experience of history, and to give the public the opportunity to reflect on the importance of history and heritage and its impact on contemporary issues. This is a collaboration between Majola, Bridging Ages International/SA, and ASSITEJ SA, hosted by Sophiatown the Mix as part of their arts and culture programme ‘Ekse’.

Tickets can be purchased at the venue R20 pre-booked; R30 at the door or by e-mail or phone on: 011 673 1271 or ekse@sophiatownthemix.com quote your name and number of tickets to get the pre-booked rate for whichever show: Saturday July 28 (matinee or evening) or Sunday July 29 17:00 at Meadowlands Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church.

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