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Call extended Drama For Life Conference & FestivalDrama For Life has you covered, you now have until 30 June 2019 to submit your proposal for participation and attendance of the 11th Drama for Life Conference and Festival. Following last year’s extensive 10 days of conference and festival that celebrated 10 years of Drama for Life’s intersectional interrogation of transformation, this year’s conference and festival theme seek to explore the role arts can play in creating a child-centred society.

Children face marginalisation in our social discourse; they are extremely vulnerable, discriminated against and isolated. In many situations, they are likely to experience poor wellbeing and health, nutrition, lack of healthcare services, lack of access to learning programs or education facilities as well as a safe environment. Patronizing and condescending cultures confront children when critical social issues arise. Children are relegated to the last in line when it comes to meeting the needs of society.

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The conference and festival, in response to this critical situation, wishes specifically to explore what role the arts can play in helping create a child-centred society. What role can the arts play in the process of a village raising a child in the 21st century? How can the arts contain and nurture the child’s holistic wellbeing and development? In what ways can the arts create thinking, listening and dialogue spaces for children? How can we imagine children as central role players in the fostering of deep democracy?

The conference and festival seek to map developments in childhood research and reflect on innovations in the performing arts, applied arts, arts therapies, arts education, and performance as research with particular reference to children and democratic societies.

The Conference & Festival will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 8-17 August 2019.

For more information contact:

Eric Thoka
011 717 4726
Drama For Life

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