Cape Town Minstrels do theatre at the Baxter

Satin to Sequins – More Than A Minstrel

Satin to Sequins brings the Kaapse Klopse festivities into the winter season, and aims to entertain and give insight into the people behind the minstrels.

“Satin to Sequins – More Than A Minstrel” is presented by Oddball Concepts and Baruch Marketing Management Solutions. This musical production will take to the stage in the Concert Hall at the Baxter Theatre for only 3 weeks from 28 June 2018.

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Written and produced by Oddball Concepts and directed by Loukmaan Adams, it aims to entertain with, but destigmatize the culture of Cape Town minstrels. With Carmen Maarman, Carlo Daniels, Austin Rose, Tashreeq De Villiers, Shadley Schroeder, Ashtevahn Mintoor, Isgak Omar and live band musically directed by Dylan Roman.

Mr Biggs and The Woodstock Darlings first entertained crowds in 2014 with a behind-the-scenes look at the mechanics of running a minstrel troupe.

This year in a reworked version, they showcase the human side to the often-misconceived minstrel. There is more to the guy in the satin suit. He too pays taxes and he too struggles with love and loyalty.

This musical spectacle brings you the festive season in winter, with original songs performed by authentic, seasoned minstrels and musicians who are all well respected in their particular minstrel troupes.

Moeshfieka Botha, media commentator, watched it in 2014. “We want to BELONG. We want to know that those around us, understand us and our goals, and respect our love for the common cause. And when you watch SATIN TO SEQUINS you feel just that… because THE CAST FEELS IT, and therefore PORTRAYS it!”

Director Loukmaan Adams has a long-standing history with the klopse competitions and is fascinated by the unique Creole sound. “We don’t particularly know where these rhythms and sounds comes from. American, Dutch, Khoi, Asian, African influences all played a vital role, but this production will be our interpretation of that.”

The minstrels also known as the “Kaapse Klopse” are generally associated with thugs who reign from crime infested areas on the Cape Flats. For some this may be true, but for the vast majority who also happen to be law students, entrepreneurs and business people, would like to see this culture evolve and be recognised as a legitimate cultural interest in South Africa. It’s frowned upon by many who don’t see the potential it has to unite a currently very segregated Cape Town. Writer Riyaad Peters, who has a day job as a sports lecturer at a prestigious sports institute, is testament to being ‘more than a minstrel’. “For far too long we’ve been looked at as clowns parading in the streets of Cape Town. It’s time that people appreciate it just as much as they would the Rio Carnival, I mean why not?”.

In 2018, “playing klopse” is a highly competitive sport with the two-month-long singing competition where troupes compete for nothing but bragging rights. And preparation for this usually happens throughout the year. Stage manager Faghri Abrahams feels this sport can change lives and as Oddball Concepts they are creating a platform for these talented youngsters. “Big business fails to recognise the huge marketing potential. But putting klopse on a theatre stage such as the Baxter’s might just spark an interest and change a laaitie’s life forever. Klopse at the Baxter- who would have thought.”

Dates: 28 June – 14 July 2018 (winter school holiday)

Times: Weekdays 8:15pm, Saturdays 4pm & 8:15pm, No show Sundays

Tickets: R135 – R150.

Bookings:, at the Baxter or at selected Pick n Pay stores.

For discounted group block bookings and fundraisers contact Faghri on 064 684 8992.

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