Chasing Chairs relationship complexities

Chasing Chairs - Theo Landey, Sue Pam Grant and Chi Mhende
Chasing Chairs – Theo Landey, Sue Pam Grant and Chi Mhende

The husband and wife duo Sue-Pam Grant and DJ Grant are successful artists in their own right. Sue Pam Grant is known for her unique inclusion of fine art design elements in productions with carefully structured emotional scenes. DJ Grant is famous for his small screen writing. In Chasing Chairs, they merge their creative writing skills to produce a theatre piece that will navigate a couple’s journey in self-discovery and put them under a microscope.

Directed by multi-disciplinary artist Sue-Pam Grant, Chasing Chairs is a window on the relationship of a refined and artistic couple poised on the cusp of both middle age and a sometimes-fragile sense of a shifting of the previous certainties of their lives in a time defined by contestation over the validity of perceptions of truth or reality.

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Chi Mhende, who is well known for her role as Wandi, a transgendered woman in Generations, will make her Market Theatre debut in Chasing Chairs alongside Theo Landey, who has won the hearts of South Africans in the series of television advertisements for Outsurance. The duo explores themes of displacement in their relationship and managing spousal expectation and challenges of bringing up a family in modern world.

In Chasing Chairs, Mhende will portray a roller-coaster of emotions of a woman that many South Africans will relate to in this thrilling drama. The play sparkles with the quick and often peculiar or profane wit of the interchanges that define domestic sparring; sometimes beautifully connecting and sometimes painfully out of touch with each other’s perspectives.

Chasing Chairs opens a window on a reality through which many will recognise their own foibles, frustrations and moments of sublime pleasure that are the hallmarks of an intimate relationship. It will offer audiences an insight to how love and family can shift people’s beliefs and open them to new encounters. It is a contemporary love story with twists that will heighten the audience’s curiosity levels.

Chasing Chairs will be at the Market Theatre from 14 July – 6 August 2017.

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