Comedy Review: Blame It On Bianca Del Rio – Oy, Roy, Or Disdain Dressed Up



Blame It On Bianca Del Rio / Teatro, Fourways, Johannesburg               5

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American comedian, actor and drag queen Bianca Del Rio (real name Roy Haylock) is know for – indeed, it’s her trademark – being an “equal opportunity hater”. An insult comic with sharp, incisive observational sense, zero boundaries and a sense of humour darker than a theatre impresario’s mood on payday, she has parlayed the popular appeal that came with being a winner of reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race into a burgeoning career in comedy, film and web series creation.

Brand awareness is perhaps more of a facet of a drag performer’s career than it might be in the day to day work of a more conventional artist, with the clothes, make-up and fake name all being part of a creation that is entirely different (certainly visually) to the person behind the act. And in the show, that mindfulness of the perception of what is being presented is a major focus,…

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