Comedy Review: Conrad Koch – Puppet Guy: More Than Lip Service, Or All Dolled Up And Everywhere To Go

Conrad Koch pic by Sarah Isaacs
Conrad Koch pic by Sarah Isaacs

Conrad Koch: Puppet Guy / Directed by Chris Weare / The Studio at Pieter Torien’s Montecasino Theatre, Fourways, Johannesburg          7.5

A comedian with a master’s degree in social anthropology, Conrad Koch also interested in puppets. Which is useful, as otherwise all the posters printed for this show wouldn’t make any sense. Throw in ventriloquism and what Koch does is already more complicated than your average stand-up comedian. And with Puppet Guy being developed as a platform for onward exposure internationally, there are other perspectives at play here beyond a grown man sticking his forearm into the rear portions of several figurines.

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The script for this piece is incredibly dense, with more gags per square inch than the dungeon lair of a gang of particularly aggressive kidnappers. This results in two noticeable areas of commentary in the show.

First, absolutely effortless ventriloquism is an incredibly difficult art. Koch is very…

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