Comedy Review: Ndumiso Lindi – Big Boys Don’t Cry In July, Or Us And Them And All Of Us


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Bruce Dennill


Ndumiso Lindi: Big Boys Don’t Cry In July / Auto & General Theatre On The Square / Sandton, Johannesburg

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Ndumiso Lindi’s explanation for his new one-man show’s awkward title (with those apparently superfluous final two words) helps give a good deal on perspective on where he will be coming from for the bulk of the impressive two-hour running time of his set. The comedian lost his father – a towering figure in every sense in Lindi’s younger life – a year ago, in July, and that event was the catalyst for much musing and philosophising as he begin to understand his new roles in his family, and the influence of his late dad.

Performing before a mixed audience, Lindi initially wanders into territory occupied by a number of distinctively average South African comics, playing racial stereotypes off each other in a way that feels unnecessary given the depth suggested by the above introduction.

Happily, and whether as a result of careful planning or…

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