Comedy Review: Nik Rabinowitz – Work In Progress, Or Words To Laugh By


Bruce Dennill

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All content by Bruce Dennill first published on pARTicipate, republished with permission.
Bruce Dennill


Nik Rabinowitz: Work In Progress / Auto & General Theatre On The Square, Sandton, Johannesburg

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Work In Progress is a fabulous name for a comedy show. It suggests a sensitive, smart awareness of potential shortfalls in the performer’s material, or even their personality; that there is room for improvement in many facets of what they do or who they are. And it also allows audiences to take the phrase at face value and believe that the comedian may be improvising, and that if the show is not terribly good, it is, after all, still under construction.

All of this is sublimely subverted in Nik Rabinowitz’s latest set, which is as well conceptualised and thought out as it is structured and delivered. It steers clear of pretty much every cliché that riddles the average South African comedy set – politics, car guards and the rest – including instead references to Rabinowitz’s life in particular and heritage in general, as well as gloriously random,…

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