Comedy Review: Stark Raving Mark! – Horizontal Ha Ha, Or Reigning In The Ridiculous


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Bruce Dennill

Mark Banks


Stark Raving Mark! / Studio, Pieter Torien’s Montecasino Theatre, Fourways, Johannesburg                               5

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Stand-up comedian Mark Banks is perhaps best known for his surrealist improvisational tendencies, which give him the ability to be effective when he’s both off the cuff and and off the wall, providing a blizzard of words and ideas for his audience to mentally sift through for the always evident cutting insights.

His latest one man show, however, is his least subversive for a long while. Abut the most seditious aspect is Banks’ choice of a chaise longue as the platform from which to develop his material, making this much more of a lie-down gig than a stand-up show. The conceit is that there is an invisible psychoanalyst present to hear Banks work through his angst about the many issues that annoy him – one of which is that he doesn’t feel he has anything to write a new show about.

Whether the concept is useful…

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