Comedy Review: Stuart Taylor – Funny, You Should Say That: Unembellished Amusement, Or Still More Mr Nice Guy


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Stuart Taylor – Funny, You Should Say That / Directed by Rob Van Vuuren / Auto & General Theatre On The Square, Sandton, Johannesburg


Cape Town comic Stuart Taylor is one of the more approachable comedians around, and his considerable charm is one of the centrepieces of his performance in this new one-man show. It’s an important factor, as there’s nothing else on stage bar a mic stand and a bar stool with a bottle of water on it. Without these embellishments – or distractions – it’s left to Taylor to not only be a stand-up comedian, but also a walks-around comedian, and an engages-with-audience comedian.

He handles all these roles with relaxed confidence, making sure that everyone in the theatre feels included, even if it’s only to be informed that they appear to have take longer than some of their peers to understand a punchline.

There are a few such moments, when an older and mostly white audience appear to be slightly perplexed by an…

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