Comedy Review: The Award-Winning Podcast With Warren Robertson – Ebenhaezer Raises Himself, Or Regarding The Oliphant In The Room


Award Winning PodcastBy BRUCE DENNILL

The Award-Winning Podcast with Warren Robertson: Guests – Ebenhaezer Dibakwane & Dillan Oliphant / The Goliath Comedy Club, Bannister Hotel, Braamfontein, Johannesburg              7

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Warren Robertson’s Award-Winning Podcast concept is now in its second series, and in its live format, where an audience is present for the recording of a new episode, it continues to present a an agreeably idiosyncratic alternative to the traditional one-person-and-a-mic stand-up formula.

Hosting it this time around in the Goliath Comedy Club in Braamfontein feels like it should be a good match, too, with the fairly new venue having been envisioned as a “New York-style” comedy club – intimate, and perfectly suited to face-to-face performance between a comic and his or her fans, rather than the more detached nature of a music concert, for instance. Sadly, there is still that lingering Johannesburg audience reticence to wander into the city centre, and the…

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