Comedy Review: Warren Robertson – Dad Inside: Just Kidding, Or Of Family And Fury


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Warren Robertson: Dad Inside / Dunkelder Teater. Dunkeld, Johannesburg


The Dunkelder Teater is a fascinating, valuable space in a suburban mansion scheduled to be flattened when the developers that own the property get around to kicking off their plans for its likely eminently more banal future.

For now, it is run by married couple and casual visionaries TJ and Lejanie Strydom, who live on the top floor and maintain the extensive ground floor as a 60-seater performance space, a cosy wine bar and pool room, all offshoots from a huge double-volume atrium. The Strydoms host what they like, on their own terms (which tend to heavily favour artists, by the looks of things), and the atmosphere of supportive edginess that has resulted is a good fit comedian Warren Robertson, who performed his new one-man show Dad Inside there ahead of touring the production to the UK in 2019.

There are three significant threads that Robertson weaves through his performance: the…

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