Fool – An original dark comedy about marriage hits the stage in CT


Fool PosterMarriage! Marriage? Marriage. Fool, an original play uncovers the juicy secrets of a marriage and the catastrophic turn of events that happen when things go a little pear-shaped. A chauvinistic, custard of a husband and a devilish, sour housewife find themselves swimming around in a boiling pot of unwanted and unfortunate realities, bubbling under the surface until their shameful truths unfold. He obviously doesn’t like her cooking, but this wicked woman has much bigger fish to fry and let’s just say that revenge sure is sweet…beastly, dangerous and delicious!

Set in the 1960’s, this dark comedy demonstrates a series of powerful physicality and story-telling, unveiling some pretty wrongful truths. The play exposes a common problem of adultery in marriages today and one resentful and ingenious yet sinful solution. With a cast of two women, Fool leads you through a witty, outspoken, distorted, yet thrilling and liberating story of the revenge a woman takes on her husband.

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In 2017 Raine Waring and Severine Fletcher collaborated and opened a company called Keep the act alive, a drama and performance-based initiative. KTAA offers acting classes and workshops to artists wishing to hone in on their acting and performance skills. In addition to classes, Keep the act alive…and perform! was created out of a love for performing. It encourages artists to perform pieces of their own choice, and once a month we get together, whereby everyone participating provides positive and constructive feedback. As a group we inspire each other through our art. Our safe space creates a wonderful platform for the artist to express themselves and get performance experience while being surrounded by like-minded and encouraging artists. KTAA…and perform! Has developed further, whereby we now aim to showcase our talent through live performance theatre. This is where Fool was born! Fool is KTAA’s first stage production as a professional team, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you Cape Town.

See Fool at Alexander Bar from 30 July – 4 August 2018, and at Theatre Arts Admin Collective from 9 – 11 August 2018.

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