Greatmore Studios Trust new appointments

Ahmien Van Der Walt

Ahmien van der Walt, Igsaan Martin and Lonwabo Kilani was appointed as the Chairperson, Vice-Chair and Board Secretary, respectively on 1 March 2019.This very capable trio at the helm of Greatmore Studios Trust will achieve the objectives of this 20- year -old institution. They will ensure that Greatmore provide a studio environment with trust and respect for talented professional visual artists.

Igsaan Martin

This community of artists, of which 700 artists have passed through Greatmore since its inception, with the assistance of 11 subsidized studios. The following was made possible; a building of their practice and career, access to a national and global community of artists where skills are shared, and opportunities to enable future growth.

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Greatmore will continue to have links to the local community, enabling free access to all exhibitions and through its partnership with Thupelo and other organisations continue to provide art workshops to increase visual literacy and combat the impact of poverty nationally.

The Trustees will continue to operate within the founding philosophy of the Trust with the following values:
– Non-racialism
– Non-sexism
– Improvement of the welfare of the beneficiary community
– Tolerance and mutual respect and working ethos of co-operation and support.

The Trustees will enhance and create new partnerships with appropriate government departments (local, provincial and national), corporates, trusts and foundations and private cultural organisations; enable the flourishing of networks both locally and internationally by connecting with young graduates, galleries and all players in the creative sector.

“We welcome Mr van der Walt, Mr Martin and Mr Kilani to the Greatmore Studio Trust and believe in their abilities and passion to drive the vision, mission and strategy” explains Mrs Estelle Jacobs, outgoing Chairperson of Greatmore Studios Trust.

Re-elected Greatmore Studios Trust: Board of Trustee
• Mr Ahmien van der Walt: Chairperson
• Mr Igsaan Martin: Vice-Chair
• Mr Lonwabo Kilani: Secretary
• Mrs Estelle Jacobs: Trustee
• Mr Garth Erasmus: Trustee
• Ms Nomusa Makhubu: Trustee

About Greatmore Studios Trust
Greatmore Studios Trust (IT3597/99) and NPO (054-055-NPO) was established in 1998 in the heart of Woodstock, one of Cape Town’s most diverse and vibrant neighbourhoods. In 1982, The Triangle Arts Trust held its first international artists’ workshop in New York City that was initiated by Mr Anthony Caro and Mr Robert Loder. This enabled the founding of several initiatives globally many of which are still linked through the Triangle Arts Trust. The trust is a UK-based organisation that initiates and facilitates an international network of artist-led workshops and residencies.

Greatmore Studios’ association with the Triangle Network afforded artists access to information and opportunities with artists, organisations, projects, and galleries in Africa and abroad.

Mr Robert Loder and Mr David Koloane bought the workshop model to Johannesburg and with the support of Bill Ainslie and the Johannesburg Art Foundation, started the Thupelo Cape Town Trust workshops in the early 1980s. The Bag Factory in Johannesburg, a sister organisation to Greatmore Studios Trust, was set up in 1991.

Greatmore Studios Trust was initiated by Mr Isky Gordon and Mr Sam Nhlengethwa. The board of Thupelo Cape Town Trust Workshop Project (Mr Lionel Davis, Mr Velile Soha, Mr Garth Erasmus and Mrs Jill Trappler) took on the studio project, with assistance from Mr Isky Gordon and Mr Robert Loder. Subsequent to this, there has been many supporters, both state and private and other patrons who will continue to support these initiatives. Mrs Jill Trappler founder and long-time supporter, educator and at times co-ordinator of Greatmore Studios Trust will be stepping down from all formal posts. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we would like to thank Mrs Trappler for playing an invaluable role in ensuring that Greatmore Studios Trust was able to grow and play an ever more important role in the Visual Arts in this country.


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