Gym and Tonic goes to Grahamstown

Tim Plewman's new offering, Gym and Tonic: The Memory of an Old Muscle
Tim Plewman’s new offering, Gym and Tonic: The Memory of an Old Muscle

Revered comedy actor, Tim Plewman will premier his hilarious new offering, Gym and Tonic: The Memory of an Old Muscle, at the 2016 Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

Inspired by his best-selling book, Fitness for Old Farts, Plewman’s latest play centres on the lives of three over 50 friends, who are battling belly bulge, among other ‘mature’ issues.

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After the death of yet another friend in their 50s, Plewman and his co-stars Mike Huff and Russel Savadier decide to form the ‘Fitness for Old Farts Club’. Paul (Plewman), Jim (Huff) and Mike (Savadier), with the encouragement of their Zumba teacher (Caitlin Salgado) sign a pledge to live healthier lives, and in so doing, the intrepid trio set out on a hysterical quest to battle middle-age spread, fears of aging and even each other.

At this world-premiere of Gym and Tonic: The Memory of Old Muscle, Grahamstown audiences of all ages will be treated to heart-warming comedy that pokes fun, but also exposes every day concerns about health and wellbeing.

After watching Gym and Tonic, you might find yourself better equipped for those moments when you find yourself in front of the mirror thinking “what the hell happened?” And, if the old adage ‘laughter is the medicine’ is anything to go by, then this giggle-a-second show will have you dodging the doctor in no time.

Gym and Tonic: The Memory of Old Muscle will show at the Thomas Pringle Hall from 30 June to 4 July.

Show dates and times:
30/6 at 20:00
1/7 at 15:00
2/7 at 18:00
3/7 at 12:30
4/7 at 12:30

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