Handbag – Don’t clutch me too tight …

Handbag - Don’t clutch me too tight
Handbag – Don’t clutch me too tight

The Playhouse Company presents a brand-new dance work by acclaimed choreographer David Gouldie, entitled Handbag – Don’t clutch me too tight.

The piece forms part of its 21st annual South African Women’s Arts Festival in Durban.

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Featuring the award-winning Playhouse Dance Residency and Flatfoot Dance Company, the production is based on the real-life tales of the ladies who live at The Association For The Aged (TAFTA). The work is based around interviews and moments of the elderly ladies. Moments of joy, loss and remembrance will be explored and celebrated with the dancers using these stories and emotions for the basis of this dance work.

Handbag - Don’t clutch me too tight

A first kiss, marriage, loss, forgiveness… The work will follow the linear narratives of these intimate stories to ultimately speak to overall global issues.

The dance work will pay tribute to these incredible women and their stories, and provides a creative space for enlightenment around issues affecting the elderly and their life experience.

Handbag – Don’t clutch me too tight will be staged in the Drama Theatre on 10 August at 09:30, 11 August at 09:30 and 19:00; and 12 August at 14:00. Schools performances at R30 per learner can be booked by calling 031 369 9407. Public performances are R80 via Computicket.

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