Indie artist’s RADA Inspire Movement announces 2019 forecast


RADA InspireThe RADA Inspire Movement uses Indie Music artists to inspire change. The movement has announced it’s 2019 forecast and their plans look like this:

March – Taxi and Road Rage Awareness Month
For the month of March, RADA will once again focus on the highly controversial topic of taxi aggression and road user awareness. The aim is to create awareness around our reaction to issues on the road and the effect thereof. Last year the team highlighted a day in the life of a taxi driver, bringing awareness to the hardships and intense working situations faced by taxi drivers. This in no way condones illegal driver behaviour, but simply shifts our perspective and creates a sense of understanding of those behind the wheels of South Africa’s most economically significant transport system, the taxi.
Since the highly successful CEO taxi dash held in March last year and the significant awareness it created for all those involved, RADA has decided to upscale. This year, we will be hosting a celebrity taxi dash, whereby high profile personalities will undertake a race across the city using only a taxi as a medium of transport.

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April – Service Industry Month
Service Industry Month is based on the premise: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” It’s about highlighting the need for respect towards those working in the service industry. This April, RADA will once again aim to change people’s attitudes towards those in public service, or at least create awareness around people’s lack of empathy for those in the service industry, such as waiters, petrol attendants, domestic workers, cashiers, the police, nurses etc. RADA encourages citizens to be more mindful in our interaction with others, to take a step back and recognise people for who they are: human beings; and to remember to show appreciation for services being rendered.

May – Bullying Awareness Month
Despite numerous attempts to address this topic, bullying is still a worldwide epidemic. It’s a constant struggle that cannot be avoided and bullying occurs in all areas of life, from school children to adults in the workplace. These days, the online space is another major area of bullying that needs to be addressed. At RADA, we promote self-responsibility and self-awareness. This is something we wish to highlight during bully month, as it can really help redefine the way we treat others. Respect, tolerance and understanding of others are critical in creating a safe and peaceful environment for all.
RADA will be hosting various anti-bullying initiatives across the province in 2019.

June – Family Support and Elderly Awareness Month
For the month of June, we want to honour and encourage people to celebrate and reach out to their family. At RADA, we recognise that people cannot live solitary lives and that the love and support of family vastly adds to our quality of life. We also believe that the only way to create empathy among people in the world is to start with those closest to us. This way, we can stand together as a team and empower others to do the same.
At RADA, what we do would not be possible without the help of loved ones. RADA, the team and our dedicated angels all form part of the RADA family. This June, we celebrate them for their hard work and constant encouragement.

July – Comfort Month
As the cold begins to set in, RADA will shift its focus to the extra need for humanitarian care. Despite all efforts, there is always a need for a warm bed, food and general comfort. In July, RADA will increase its efforts to assist those in need. The aim is not only to provide a warm meal and possibly some winter supplies, but to participate in a “coming together” of communities, easing distress and putting a smile on someone else’s face.
RADA would like to thank our sponsors, AGT Foods, Sesli Blankets, KIA and Alpha Technologies for their contribution to our ambitious efforts.

August – Women’s Month
As the country celebrates Women’s month in August, RADA will once again jump on board to assist where possible, recognising the important role women play in our communities. Women are also in large part the reason RADA was established. Founded by J-P Nobrega, a father of two daughters, the philanthropist continues to fight for women’s rights, not only by attempting to protect the women of our country, but by providing a place for healing and renewal.
RADA will endeavour to host various sanitary pad drives in and around Johannesburg, affording young women the opportunity to stay in school during their monthly cycles. The aim is to empower women to lead their best lives and discover their unique voice in the world.

September – Heritage Month
RADA was established in South Africa and despite our constant efforts to spread our message across seas and reach a broader audience, South Africa will always be where the heart is. With heritage day in September, the team at RADA will direct their focus to all things local, celebrating the wonderful and diverse cultures of our land.
We encourage South Africans to come together and celebrate their beliefs and traditions. We are a diverse population but we all have one thing in common – we are all human. Together we share a sense of community.

October – Drug and Alcohol Awareness Month
An integral part of the non-profit organization, drugs and alcohol continue to plague our society. While RADA provides a place of renewal from addiction and abuse, we also seek to spread the message of responsible and wise decision-making. At RADA, we believe everyone has choice and no matter your background or history, everyone has the power within to overcome and rise above.

In 2018, RADA released a hard-hitting drug video, encouraging people to avoid the abuse of drugs and to find more positive, meaningful outlets. The video has received over 117,762 views to date across platforms and continues to circulate on the web and various social media platforms.

November – Orphans, homeless and community awareness month
While RADA’s focus is to empower citizens to lead better lives by making well informed and wise decisions, we understand that every now and then, people need a helping hand. November is the month where we increase our efforts to help those in need and create a sense of unity among our communities.
In November, RADA wants to encourage people around the globe to take a moment and do something meaningful for those in their community, and to show a little gratitude for those small actions that individuals do for their fellow neighbours on a daily basis, which contribute to the greater good.

December – Celebratory Wrap Up and Year in Review
As we approach the final stretch of the year, we always like to look back at our achievements. In December, RADA will celebrate some of the work accomplished throughout the year and use this to hopefully stimulate conversation.


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