J.BOBS LIVE – Game Show : Dance Take Over Special Edition at POPArt


Lovers of game shows, quiz shows, talk shows and current affairs – this one is for you! It’s the freshest live uniquely South African game show double bill and it comes to you once a month at the POPArt Theatre.

J Bobs Live is the brainchild of Jefferson Tshabala. Photo by Thato Kobile.
J Bobs Live is the brainchild of Jefferson Tshabala. Photo by Thato Kobile.

J.BOBS LIVE is a games show meets sketch format hosted by Jefferson Tshabalala aka J.Bobs. The show features special guests every month and is presented by Kiri Pink Nob and POPArt Productions.

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Nominated for Freshest show, Fresh performer and Fresh creative at this year’s Cape Town Fringe.

The Game Show Double Bill features two different styles of game show formats pitched at a same same but different audiences, separated by a short interval. Created and hosted by venerated writer, director and performer, J.Bobs Tshabalala the two game shows presented are “OFF THE RECORD” and “Location | Lekeyshini | Lokasie”. Together they have audiences banging down the door to attend, participate and let their inner competitor revel in a mash up of theatre, improv, sketch and game show all very cleverly compiled by the show’s writers to offer insight into uniquely South African realities.

Booking and Venue Information

Tue 5th Jun 8pm – Tickets R50 to R100

Book securely online with a credit card for any show at POPArt by visiting popartcentre.co.za

For telephone enquiries please call Hayleigh on 083.245.1040 or Orly on 082.472.2559

POPArt Centre
286 Fox Street
Maboneng Precinct

  • Facebook: facebook.com/popArtJHB
  • Twitter: @POPArtJHB

The Game Show Double Bill concept has been refined during a long national tour to several spaces around the country and will continue to perform in spaces to entertain, educate and grow it’s audiences. POPArt hosted J.Bobs and the Kiri Pink Knob team for the first time in May this year, and it was unanimously decided that a long term collaboration is in order. “OFF THE RECORD”  is a panel, game and quiz show hybrid that features two celebrity competitors representing their teams in the audience. A show that banters about with humour and controversy, much like QI, task master J.Bobs is looking for the answers that ain’t obviaas. “Location | Lekeyshini | Lokasie” features team captains, points, drama, suspense and some amazing physical challenges from the special guests. It’s a sketch and skit show with a variety of vignettes that examine, celebrate, critique and reflect poignantly on the vast lived experiences of many in the South African Townships: a show that looks like, sounds like and operates like the lokishi. All in all, an evening of excellent entertainment.

“Here, the overt flamboyance of the township, meets the subdued vileness of suburbia, and the blend is as beautiful as it is intriguing. A romantic blend of palates that are very seldom paired emerges. The taste makes for quite the evening of riotous entertainment”, says creator and host J.Bobs Tshabalala. “One is the quintessential township jousting tournament, a battle of urban suave and kasi finesse (LLL).  The other locates its crux in the holds of reserved suburbia being unleashed, a battle of quant decorum and sharp wits (OTR). Combined, these shows give to the audience a fuller experiential scope of the larger South African narrative”.

This is what makes the show a perfect fit at POPArt. “With a constant focus on developing a broad audience base, as well using arts and culture as a vehicle for sharing South African experiences, this double bill is something that fits perfectly within the frame of artistic direction, as well as appeals to our existing and desired audience”, says Hayleigh Evans of The POPArt Theatre. “ We believe that playing on a regular basis will grow the audience and maximize additional opportunities for the format. All in all, a perfect long term collaboration”

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