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Image result for Kafka’s ApeKafka’s Ape, the critically acclaimed theatre production based on Franz Kafka’s short story “A Report to the Academy”, will be touring locally and abroad in 2019. Based on Franz Kafka’s short story “A Report to the Academy”, Kafka’s Ape is a solo performance directed by Phala O Phala and performed by Tony B Miyambo about a primate’s struggle to overcome the confines of captivity.

The play takes a metaphorical view on society and highlights the complexities of identity in post-apartheid South Africa and the human race in general. Red Peter, the ape, embarks on a journey ignited by finding a way out of a cage he was confined to after his capture; a journey in which he contests identity-based on outward appearance.

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Through the journey of Red Peter, the play provides a narrative that helps to question the understanding of otherness and the liberation of the separate individual identity from an inherited collective identity.

The critically acclaimed theatre production was awarded

– The Silver Ovation Award at the National Arts Festival in 2015 and
– The Best public performance award at the 2017 HSS awards.

It has also been nominated for

– The Best Cutting Edge at the Naledi Awards 2016,
– The Best Foreign Production at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2016.
– The best Solo performance at the Fleur de Cap Awards 2017.

Here’s what some critics had to say about the show

“Minimalist décor, subtle music, lights, and brilliant acting succeed in enthralling the audience with questions about the human condition, external realities, conformity, and freedom. It’s personal, tragic, funny and gooseflesh-inducing.” – Martin Laubscher, Cue Newspaper.

“Experiencing Kafka’s Ape is like sitting in a master class about the sunken place.” – Itumeleng Molefi

“…the play comprises poignant truisms about identity and the danger of shallowly judging others.” – Robyn Sassen.

“I hazard that Kafka’s Ape is both ‘ours’ and ‘theirs’, a happy middle ground filled with beautiful unhappiness. You can’t but feel like an insider, partly the crisp clear narrative, partly because you’re inside, but detailed energetic genius & superhuman physicality pulled this one off.” – Christopher Steenkamp

In 2019 the show will be touring locally and internationally to the following venues:

1. TX Theatre, South Africa, Tembisa, 19 May 2019
2. Popart Theatre, South Africa, Maboneng, 22 May – 24 May 2019
3. Divaldo Insperace, The Czech Republic, Prague fringe festiva l- 27 May – 1 June 2019
4. The Junction, Dubai, 7 – 8 June 2019
5. Alexander Bar Theatre, South Africa, Cape Town, 10 – 22 June
6. St Andrews Hall, South Africa, Makhanda, The National Arts Festival, 27 June – 3 July 2019
7. Kigali Genocide Memorial, Rwanda, The Ubumuntu Arts Festival, 12 – 14 July 2019
8. Westside Theatre, The United States of America, New York, The United Solo Festival, 22 November 2019

For more information on ticket prices, performance times and online bookings kindly visit:

1. TX Theatre: Facebook page
2. Popart Theatre: https://popartcentre.co.za/
3. The Prague fringe festival: https://www.praguefringe.com
4. The Junction: https://dubai.platinumlist.net/event-tickets/75487/kafkas-ape
5. Alexander Bar Theatre: https://alexanderbar.co.za/shows-upstairs/
6. The National Arts Festival: https://www.nationalartsfestival.co.za/
7. The Ubumuntu Arts Festival: http://ubumuntuartsfestival.com/
8. The United Solo Festival: http://unitedsolo.org/us/

For further media inquiries or picture requests please contact Tony Miyambo on Tembisakid@gmail.com or 072 532 5223


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