Lily Hollows releases video for ‘Daddy I’m Gone’


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Artsvark Presser

Described as the love child of Mariah Carey and Shakira, Lily Hollows may be a newbie on the scene, but she is making a memorable debut.

The 19-year-old made her debut with the single ‘Daddy I’m Gone’, unafraid to make her voice known early on. The song sends a powerful message of independence on behalf of the youth. Now she has released the official music video for the song.

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Lily has just returned from a press tour across the Cape, where she stunned audiences with her powerful vocal prowess – do not be deceived by her petite physique and timid demeanour.

A gentle soul, the singer has an unbreakable force inside her and is hungry for the world to hear her music.

Teaming up with an old school friend, Petri Schoeman, both perceived amateurs but skilled beyond their years, the duo conceptualised, shot and edited a daring music video to accompany the hit song.

She says: “Shooting my first music video was daunting, but I worked with an incredible producer, Petri Schoeman, who guided me. We came up with the concept together and our main focus was the playfulness of the narrative, which I feel he captured beautifully.”

“What’s really special to me, is that my father played the role of my father in the video,” Lily adds.

“I’d originally asked my Grade 10 maths teacher to play the role, but unfortunately nearing the shoot, he cancelled due to other commitments. As always, my father came through to save the day. We shot the video at my beloved alma mater, Krugersdorp High School. In shooting, I enjoyed the acting part the most – I love performing. We worked really hard and I’m proud to present it as my first music video.”

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