Mario Batkovic returns to South Africa

Mario Batkovic. Photo by Hollin Jones
Mario Batkovic. Photo by Hollin Jones

Swiss/Bosnian accordionist Mario Batkovic is set to hypnotise southern Africa.

The mesmerising melodies of internationally acclaimed accordionist, Mario Batkovic, return to Southern Africa after 13 years with performances in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Swaziland from 18 May to 25 May 2018. Bosnian-born and based in Switzerland, Batkovic is renowned for his innovative reimagining of traditional accordion sounds.

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With his recent album rated by Rolling Stone as one of the 20 Best Avant Albums of 2017, Batkovic’s return to South Africa will provide for an opportunity to hear the virtuosic musician’s work, as well provide for exciting partnerships with South African artists.

Batkovic leans on no particular style of music, instead connects different musical worlds distilling them into one unique concentrated sound. His playing has been described as challenging and experimental, yet maintaining a masterfully beautiful quality. He scratches every nuance out of the instrument, integrating scratches and clicks into the arrangements and making a feature of the kind of tonal scars and birthmarks which are usually eradicated from recordings and live performances.

With his mission to advance the sonic possibilities available to the instrument and the communication of these sounds, Batkovic embarks on a journey to collaborate with South African musicians to create new work.

Mario performs at various venues in Cape Town in collaboration with Steve Newman, Ben Badenhorst, Ronan Skillen, Hilton Schilder, Vuyo Katcha, Peter Ndlala and Carlo Fabe. The Johannesburg performance will be in the John Kani Theatre at the Market Theatre, before heading to the MTN Bushfire Festival in Swaziland.

Mario Batkovic online:

Mario Batkovic’s Southern Africa tour is supported by The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia Johannesburg.

“A stunning marvel of saw-sawing melodies and warm wheezes.” – ROLLING STONE

“Bosnian-Swiss lighting-director drags humble accordion screaming into futurity.” – MOJO

“The sound he achieves is immense. It pays no heed to limitations. Instead it extends the range of possibilities towards wild new frontiers. As journeys into sound go, this one is interstellar.” – THE IRISH TIMES

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