Market Theatre Foundation seeks ICT services

The Market TheatreThe Market Theatre Foundation is an internationally renowned performing and visual arts institution situated in Newtown, Johannesburg.Suppliers are hereby invited to bid to supply ICT (Information Communication Technology) services to the Market Theatre Foundation

Bid Number: MTF 01/01/2017
Description: Supply of ICT Services to the Market Theatre Foundation
Closing date: 20 February 2017
Closing time: 12:00 when bids will be opened in public

Bid documents must be deposited in the tender box situated at: The Market Theatre Foundation

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Market Square
138 Lilian Ngoyi (previously Bree) Street, corner Miriam Makeba Street
Newtown, Johannesburg, 2001

Bidders should ensure that documents are delivered timeously to the correct address. Bid documents that are faxed, emailed or delivered late will not be accepted for consideration. The successful bidder will be required to fill in and sign a written contract form.

Bid documents are available from The Market Theatre Foundation, Market Square, from 8:00 to 16:00, Monday to Friday from 30 January 2017 at R250.00 per copy (Cash only)

For more information contact: Vickey Pienaar, (t) +27 11 832 1641 ext 208.

This bid will be evaluated in terms of Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA) and bid submissions will be evaluated according to the sum of the Award of Points in respect of the bid value and the status of the enterprise.

Target goals are as follows: – Points for Price 90/80; points for BEE Level status 10/20; total points 100.

Functionality goals are as follows – 75 points threshold, any supplier who does not score 75 or above will be disqualified.

The Market Theatre Foundation does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any other bid in whole or in part.


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