Market Theatre Laboratory kickstarts 2018


The Market Theatre Laboratory will kickstart the year with the award-winning production Hani: the Legacy, starring the Market Theatre Laboratory graduates of 2017.

Hani the Legacy Poster The Standard Bank Gold Ovation Award-winning production played to full houses at the National Arts Festival and 969 Festival in 2017 and returned to the Market Theatre Laboratory’s Ramolao Makhene Theatre for a short season. In 2018, you can catch Hani: The Legacy from 16 to 28 January.

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Directed by Leila Henriques and featuring a cast of multi-talented young actors, this ground-breaking musical combines hip hop, ballad, traditional music and spectacular choreography to bring to life the story of underpraised struggle hero Chris Hani. Hani was an inspiring leader in the liberation movement. His murder by right-wing extremists in April 1993, at a time when the country was on a knife-edge of crucial political negotiations and rampant political violence, turned him into a martyr. Through a fresh, innovative and entertaining theatrical form, the production grapples with the gap left by Hani after his assassination and explores how his legacy can inspire in a time with enormous political and social challenges.

As the director of the production, Leila Henriques, explains, “although Hani’s name and the circumstances of his death are well-known, his life story does not often receive the same attention. Hani takes the audience on a breath-taking journey, showing the rural boy who became a revolutionary, the freedom fighter who became a father, and the husband who became a hero. He stood for what he believed in at a time when it meant certain death. What could have been if Hani was still alive, is what could still be if his legacy is kept alive.”

Hani: the Legacy is a captivating production portraying the life and times of a political stalwart through the eyes of today’s youth.

What is the best way to commemorate a hero? For the Market Theatre Laboratory, remembrance through performance is the perfect way to bridge the time between South Africa’s historical icons and the current generation of born-frees. Hani: the Legacy is a performance that is excellent from beginning to end.” – Cue Media

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