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All content by Bruce Dennill first published on pARTicipate, republished with permission.
Bruce Dennill


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Alexandra May’s Writersround /Rumours Rock City / Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa

There are a number of ways to enjoy live music, and just as wide a range of listener tastes. For some, the buzz and scale of a stadium of a stadium show. Others like a festival, with its craft beer trucks and mud, and others still prefer the local pub, where smoke, televised sport and constant chatter compete with the artists for precedence.

All of those contexts tend to favour acts with more capacity for volume – bands, often – or, in terms of the venue owners, certainly, musicians with a repertoire of popular cover versions. Singer-songwriters with acoustic guitars and original music are somewhat under-catered for, which is fair enough from a profit-making perspective, if that music, unrecorded and unreleased for the most part, is thus far only familiar to the performer’s immediate family and most loyal friends. This scenario, sadly, creates a cycle that…

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