Music Review: Andra – Elemental Interpretations, Or Of Songs, Soul And Stamina




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Andra / Lagom Café, Lynwood, Pretoria


Singer-songwriter Andra is a unique composite of huge talent and varied influences, a mild-mannered folkie who can out-roar Janis Joplin and mix blues and flamenco guitar playing in the same song, should the mood take her.

On her own, she can sonically fill a big venue, but there is a limit to the detail she can add to arrangements of her songs and the interpretations of others’ work that she includes. At Pretoria’s Lagom Café, a dinner theatre venue that places the performers on a slightly raised stage and is large enough for the crowd to create real atmosphere when applauding by small enough to allow the show to feel intimate, Andra was flanked by a two-piece band. Brenda Burnit handles mandolin, various types of percussion, harmonica and backing vocals, while Tanja Franzsen plays keys, different types of percussion (including a floor tom) and adds more harmonies. And Andra herself, though generally focused on…

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