Music Review: Andrea Bocelli – Of Classics And Cohorts, Or Dictating The Tenor Of Excellence



Andrea Bocelli / Johannesburg Festival Orchestra / Ticketpro Dome, Randburg, Johannesburg

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Stage set-ups for big tours are usually extravagant regardless of the size of the band. For Andrea Bocelli, the stage is enormous – because, happily, there needs to be sufficient room for the full Johannesburg Festival Orchestra and the Symphony Choir of Johannesburg to file on and take their places before the star of the show arrives.

Even that enormous assembly is dwarfed by a huge curved screen, three or four storeys high and as wide as the stage. That surface is used throughout the concert to project images of Naples, Rome and other gorgeous locales tied in some way to the compositions being played and sung, as well as images from stagings of the operas many of the pieces are taken from, adding a degree of pageantry and scale that’s in line with the history and significance of much of the setlist.

Marshalling the orchestra and choir is Carlo Bernini –…

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