Music Review: Bryan Ferry World Tour 2019 – Sound And Substance, Or The Ferry Man Is Worth What You Paid



Bryan Ferry / World Tour 2019 / Sun Arena Time Square, Pretoria

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It’s difficult to find a mention of Bryan Ferry’s name that doesn’t also allude to his style (and that’s another one). It’s become one of those observations – like Steely Dan being sophisticated, or Fleetwood Mac being dysfunctional – that’s both useful and problematic, in that it helps define an artist or a band in a way that makes them unique or instantly recognisable, while also distracting from an appreciation of their music for facets that have nothing to do with whatever characteristic has become a cliché.

In Pretoria, following a strong set from support act Arno Carstens (impressive for the complexity of the sound created by his two-piece backing band, and particularly for the versatility and virtuosity of trumpeter, keyboard player and synth soundscaper David Watkyns), Ferry arrived onstage with a grin and a wave, joining an eight-piece band arrayed in front of a red…

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