Music Review: Caroline Leisegang – Come Full Circle, Or Have No Sphere, Preludes Are Here


Caroline Leisegang (Photo by Robyn Davie)


Caroline Leisegang: Come Full Circle / Circa On Jellicoe, Rosebank, Johannesburg             7.5

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Having spent much of the last year-and-half in and out of hospital, composer and pianist Caroline Leisegang might’ve despaired of ever writing new music or playing in front of an audience again. However, one of Leisegang’s many unconventional characteristics – she spends much of a brief welcome and explanation speech before her Circa performance suggesting that she’s weird and doesn’t really know what she’s doing – is her resilience, both physical and creative, and she’s not only written an album’s worth of new material (the collection is called My Body Of Preludes, and this concert is its public launch), but also stepped up to perform these compositions herself, rather than delegating that aspect to a more recognised concert pianist.

With her prized, petite upright Steinway set in the centre of radiating ley-lines of fairy lights,…

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