Music Review: Jesus Culture – South Africa Tour: Accomplished And Approachable, Or Hits With Heart


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Jesus Culture: South Africa Tour / Rhema Bible Church, Randburg, Johannesburg               7.5


Conceived as the spearhead of a youth movement, Jesus Culture (the band) has, like Hillsong United and others before them, become a staple of the worship music market, in terms of both songwriting – their contribution to the congregational canon is ever more impressive – and performance terms, setting high standards across the board. Founding member Kim Walker-Smith has a distinctive vocal style that both anchors the songs she sings and viscerally excites the listener, with the other lead vocalist, established solo singer-songwriter Chris McClarney, nearly matching her with his own expressive voice.

Interestingly the seven-piece band makes very little use of vocal harmonies, even from the two lead singers: when Walker-Smith is at the mic, McClarney steps back and vice versa. This is apparently an outcome of the worship leader training at Bethel…

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