Music Review: Redfest Unplugged – Ebony And Urbani, Or Rock And Role Model


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Unplugged At Redfest / Directed by Angie Mullins / Redhill School                  6


“Dominant 7” is a fairly in-your-face name for a high school jazz band. Clever chord reference aside, it suggests a level of confidence not always evident in the collective’s performance in their showcase concert at RedFest 2018. This is not to say that the youngsters were poor – indeed, they played with a great deal of fluidity most of the time – but that the ability to instantly recover from a glitch that comes with long-term experience has yet to properly bed in in some of its members.

The band will have benefitted from the proficiencies in that area of stage stars Craig Urbani and Timothy Moloi, who performed – together and as soloists – a wide range of of standards, ranging from the repertoire of Frank Sinatra to the hits of Buddy Holly, with various iterations of Dominant 7 providing the backing.

Moloi’s rich soul tone and Urbani’s…

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