Music Review: Sinatra And Me – Turn Of Phrasing, Or My, What A Big Band You Have


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Bruce Dennill


Sinatra And Me / Starring Richard Shelton / Mandela, Joburg Theatre, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

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A Frank Sinatra tribute show that looks beyond the man’s famous music, Sinatra And Me features a performer, in English actor and singer Richard Shelton, whose affinity for Sinatra has been enriched in a number of curious ways, with synchronicities including Shelton being Sinatra’s exact size and thus a good fit for the icon’s old tuxedo, in which Shelton performs.

Before even considering his interpretations of some of the standards from the Sinatra songbook, the other bit of authenticity that adds considerable value to this show is the presence of a big band behind Shelton, and not only that full-blooded sound, but the playing of the original arrangements of some of Sinatra’s biggest hits. Adam Howard conducts the 17-piece outfit – horns, guitar, bass and a grand piano on which Clifford Cooper makes his parts of the melodies look ridiculously simple…

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