Music Review: Tina – Simply The Best: To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turner, Or Does What It Says On The Tin


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Bruce Dennill



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Tina: Simply The Best / Directed by John Van Grinsven / Roodepoort Theatre, Roodepoort, Johannesburg


There’s a tendency, when noting that a theatre production is a tibute show, to make that classification somehow of less consequence than a showcase of original material, a straight play or many other forms of staged entertainment. It’s likely that this perspective is borne of a suspicion that the piece might be little more than glorified karaoke, which the worst examples of the genre are, and that you could experience that for considerably less at the corner pub.

Done well, however, a tribute show is a fizzing, emotionally edifying confirmation of the power of artist and/or music that is being celebrated – the power of the rhythms and the hooks in the tunes, but also of the sonic and visual archetypes huge stars first created and then embodied, providing inspiration for scores of artists who came later.

This production of Showtime Australia’s Tina:…

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