Music Review: TJ’s Acoustic Music Club – Swipe Right For Original Music, Or Delicate Storytelling Appeal


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TJ’s Acoustic Music Club / Mark’s Park, Emmarentia, Johannesburg       7


A collective that’s been around for the best part of three decades, TJ’s Acoustic Music Club is one of the few sit, listen and appreciate platforms for musicians who prefer the unplugged approach. The focus is on original songs, though the occasional cover version is allowed.

The line-up for the evening of 20 September was a strong and varied one. First up was country pop singer-songwriter Alexandra May and a stripped-down version of her band. May was a little short of her usual level of infectious enthusiasm, though the warm applause she received at the end of each song certainly helped to raise the energy of the set. Her original material is uniformly good, but there is a particularly strong potential single called Swipe Right (lyrical hook: “I’d swipe right … for Nashville) that is well-constructed in every way, and could potentially find a chart home both here…

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