Music Review: Tony Bennett And Diana Krall – Love Is Here To Stay, Or In It To Gershwin It


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All content by Bruce Dennill first published on pARTicipate, republished with permission.
Bruce Dennill


Just occasionally, an album comes round that almost defies criticism. At first glance, a musical meeting of singers Tony Bennett and Diana Krall, accompanied by the relatively ‘modern’ Bill Charlap Trio, might not seem the ideal recipe for success. Sure, at 92, Tony has been around the block a few times. Diana, at 54, has paid her dues both as a pianist and singer, and Bill’s bassist and drummer have been with him for well over a decade, but would it all come together when the ‘record’ button was pressed?

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Add 12 of George Gershwin’s best tunes however, with ten of them containing brother Ira’s incomparable lyrics, and the magic is soon evident in every number. George, whose tragic death from a brain tumour in 1937, when he was only 38, robbed the world of the hundreds of other great tunes he said he had in his head (modesty was never his strong suit), was almost incapable of writing a mediocre melody, and with Ira’s lyrics, combined to produce…

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