NAF2019 Review: James Cairns Against Humanity


…and now for something completely different.

James Cairns Against Humanity
James Cairns Against Humanity

James Cairns Against Humanity promises a different show every performance, an easy guarantee to make, as the audience suggests a few characters and some places in which the story will unfold. The show’s title is decided by a quick draw of random black Cards Against Humanity card, and completed with a white card suggested by an audience member.  The show that I saw was titled “The latest from JK Rowling: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Cage Fighting in Fourways

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James Cairns is a talented entertainer and brilliant improviser, and the story that unfolded made for the funniest show I have seen at the festival so far. Every few sentences Cairns pauses to take a suggestion from the audience, and the beauty of doing this with cards from Cards Against Humanity is that the audience suggestions are more wide-ranging, and steer clear of the usual toilet humour suggested by audiences at many improv shows.

I’d definitely add James Cairns Against Humanity to my list of must-see shows at this year’s festival.

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