NAF2019 Review: Pink Money

Pink Money ©Suzy Bernstein
Pink Money ©Suzy Bernstein

Today is the 8th day of amazing, and the amazing keeps coming. Last night we saw a “play” called Pink Money, set in a gay club, a safe space for the gay community, this work combines dance, physical theatre, drama, and spoken word to create awareness amongst the audience of how wealth and privilege have a huge impact on spaces that are meant to be safe spaces for the entire LGBTIQA community, but are really only accessible to upper and middle-class members of that community.

The audience is welcomed with glow sticks as they enter the “club”, drinks in shit glasses are passed around the club and the club lights and the DJ get the party started. Three performers interact to show how sex can be and is bought. They tell how getting to and from these safe spaces isn’t safe for the poorest in the gay community, and address significant events in the history of gay South African’s including the nightclub shooting in Cape Town and the incident where an activist was pushed down the stairs by an Airbnb owner.

This show holds some important lessons for members of the gay community, especially those who see themselves as being discriminated against but don’t see how they discriminate against others in their own community, intentionally or otherwise.

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It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s educational. See it.

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