NCT Third Term Shakespeare Club


Four hundred years after his death, William Shakespeare remains the most widely read and performed playwright in the world.

NCT Third Term Shakespeare Club
NCT Third Term Shakespeare Club

What makes him so admired? Some scholars believe that his writings still shape the way we see ourselves as human beings. At the Shakespeare Club at the National Children’s Theatre we will read his plays and try to allow his magic to work in us.

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The Club is aimed at anyone interested in Shakespeare: those who have already and enjoyed some of his plays as well as those who love to read aloud and for those who prefer to sit quietly and follow the text as it is performed.

The Club will be led by Dr Roan Quince (former Head of English at King David School and Shakespeare expert).

The Club will meet every Saturday afternoon starting 29 July 2017 during government school term, from 14:30 to 16:30 in the Music Room. The cost will be R1 400 for the term.

Phone Cindy on 011 484 1584 or e-mail to enrol.

Learners – if you are not sure whether to join to the Club – you are welcome to come to the first meeting and check whether it’s for you.

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