New Pan Hellenic Voice and Artsvark take home BASA Award


New Pan Hellenic Voice aka Hellenic Radio and Artsvark are immensely proud to announce that Business & Arts South Africa awarded us the Media Sponsorship Award at the 21st annual BASA Awards on Sunday 16 September 2018.

Renos Spanoudes (New Pan Hellenic Voice) and Etienne Shardlow (Artsvark) with the 2018 BASA Media Sponsorship Award at the annual awards held this year at The Victoria Yards #BASA2018 #artMOVESme (Photo: Bridget van Oerle, BUZ Publicity)
Renos Spanoudes (New Pan Hellenic Voice) and Etienne Shardlow (Artsvark) with the 2018 BASA Media Sponsorship Award at the annual awards held this year at The Victoria Yards #BASA2018 #artMOVESme (Photo: Bridget van Oerle, BUZ Publicity)

Every Saturday morning for the last few years Renos Spanoudes: actor, director, playwright and educator has interviewed artists on his weekly radio slot on Hellenic Radio: Saturday’s Role with Renos. The interviews have included discussions with authors, poets, playwrights, dancers, sculptors, filmmakers, directors of plays and films, painters and more.

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One evening almost two years ago, on the steps of the Barney Simon Theatre at the Market Theatre Complex, an idea struck and a hurried conversation in the minutes before the stage lights went up, between Renos and Artsvark founder Etienne Shardlow, secured what the following weekend would result in the first podcasts of these radio interviews on this arts portal. Many teething problems and some lost interviews along the way, these weekly live radio interviews and subsequent podcasts have become widely known in the arts community and amongst audiences across the country, and indeed the world.

Last year, this collaboration between Hellenic Radio and Artsvark was named as a finalist for the 20th annual BASA awards for the Media Sponsorship Award, and this year two years of hard work and collaboration was recognised by the judges of the 21st annual BASA Awards. The Business & Arts South Africa Awards recognise sponsorships that are mutually beneficial to both the business sponsor and the arts organisation, a partnership that is a win-win-win, wins for both parties involved as well as the arts in South Africa.

The partnership has increased the listenership of Hellenic Radio by introducing the station and the show to audiences with an interest in the arts, and in turn regular listeners to the station have been introduced to the Artsvark platform, and both have benefited from the sharing of the recorded interviews on social media by the parties themselves, the arts practitioners and their fans.


2018 BASA Awards - Media Sponsorship Award
2018 BASA Awards – Media Sponsorship Award (Photo: Business & Arts South Africa)

Artsvark and Hellenic Radio are incredibly proud of their achievement and this recognition by BASA and the judging panel. There are a number of people we would like to thank for helping to make this happen. We would like to thank the board of New Pan Hellenic Voice, the technical and management team behind the radio station for maintaining the live platform, the arts community, theatres, galleries and publicists who make use of the opportunity these podcasts provide without whom we’d have no content. Thanks goes to Renos Spanoudes for conducting the interviews and Etienne Shardlow who edits the recordings and uploads them to the Artsvark Arts Portal. A special note of thanks goes to Bridget van Oerle of Buz Publicity, who not only regularly books interviews on the show for her clients, but who provided this project and Artsvark with an office and a stable internet connection during Artsvark’s rather drawn out and difficult move from Pretoria to Johannesburg. Without this assistance, 2 months of interviews would not have been captured and podcast, and so we are truly thankful.


These award-winning Arts Podcasts, are a service provided to the South African arts community free of charge. Should you wish to secure an interview on the radio show, which is usually podcast on this site within 48 hours, please contact or speak to Etienne or Renos directly.

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