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The British Council in partnership with Seed Academy and the Social Enterprise Academy are recruiting 120 creative social entrepreneurs in Cape Town and Johannesburg to take part in a fully-funded, high impact business accelerator programme.

DICE: Impact Makers & Creators: SPEAKERS : (L-R) Nwabisa Mayema (Nnfinity), Becky Schutt (British Council, DICE), Tauriq Jenkins (Social Entrepreneur), Kate Gardner (British Council, DICE) and Rachael Millson (Social Enterprise Academy)
DICE: Impact Makers & Creators: SPEAKERS : (L-R) Nwabisa Mayema (Nnfinity), Becky Schutt (British Council, DICE), Tauriq Jenkins (Social Entrepreneur), Kate Gardner (British Council, DICE) and Rachael Millson (Social Enterprise Academy)

Applications open on Monday 18 February.

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This three-month business development programme will include in-depth, bespoke coaching from international and local social enterprise experts designed to support creative social enterprises that are at the ideation and growth stages to build or enhance their business models and bring social impact to the forefront of their work. The programme aims to help these creative social enterprises to become funding ready and/or access new market opportunities.

Participants for this selective programme will be recruited through a competitive online application process and can include enterprises operating in the performing arts, creative arts, fashion and textile design through to stage and set design, graphic design and film and television. The programme runs from May to December 2019.

The accelerator is being delivered as part of the British Council’s Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies (DICE) Programme which supports the growth of creative and social enterprises at systemic, institutional and individual levels as a means of addressing entrenched social problems and supporting youth employment, gender equality and greater opportunities for people with disabilities and members of marginalized communities.

According to Rachael Millson, African partnerships director of the Social Enterprise Academy, “Creative entrepreneurship can play a significant role in addressing joblessness in South Africa and therefore more needs to be done to develop enterprises in the creative sector. In the face of rising unemployment, creative enterprises are employers, especially of young people, they open up business opportunities, especially for women, and they help build livelihoods for people living in local communities. Beyond their inclusive economic contribution, many creative enterprises address social issues.”

Kate Gardner, who manages the British Council’s DICE programme in South Africa, says, “Creative social enterprises have an artistic and social vision whilst operating as income generating businesses. By working with creative social enterprises, we are able to support the arts, enable the continued social impact of these enterprises and contribute to the growth of a creative economy that creates quality work opportunities for South Africa’s most underserved communities.”

Donna Rachelson, CEO at Seed Academy, says, “Creative industries provide South Africa with an opportunity to build inclusive economies and were identified as far back as 2014 as a growth area for job creation, especially because they tend to outperform traditional industries in terms of black, youth and female ownership.

“But not enough is being done to accelerate creative social entrepreneurship in South Africa. This is why we partnered with the British Council and the Social Enterprise Academy to develop a programme to build more social and creative businesses to make their impact sustainable.”

Aspiring and established creative social entrepreneurs are invited to apply. The programme is suitable for businesses at both ideation as well as the growth and scale stage. To apply, you should be an entrepreneur with a great idea for a creative business wanting to build it into a viable business with social impact. Or you should already be running a creative social enterprise and ready to scale or to bring social impact into your business model.

Applications can be made at www.impactmakersandcreators.co.za from Monday, 18 February 2019.

ENQUIRIES and assistance contact Surika Behrens at surika@socialenterprise.academy or call 021 447 2556 / 083 411 0927.

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