OZMA movie-concert melds jazz and adventure


OZMA movie-concert melds jazz and adventureExperience eclectic music and dinosaurs: the recipe of the OZMA movie-concert “The Lost World” which is calling in at the Market Theatre on June 15.

OZMA’s southern African tour provides a perilous quest, intrepid explorers, an impossible love, and a fantastic land populated by dinosaurs, all electrified by narrative and reactive music, adventurous jazz with eclectic accents for the first dino-film in history.

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Professor Challenger, at the head of a courageous expedition, explores the Amazon jungle in search of the fabulous Lost World. A thrilling adventure, a treasure of the silent film period that the OZMA ensemble dusts off with a contemporary soundtrack, touching and refreshing.

Whilst retaining the freedoms and love of sound experimentation within the jazz style, it is above all from the popular music of today that this cine-concert seeks its inspiration. Melodic pop, explosive rock, and the march of electronic music loops punctuate the film announcing the themes and feeding into improvisations.

The Lost World” (Harry O. Hoyt 1925) – 1h40
Adaptation of the work by Arthur Conan Doyle
Professor Challenger leads bold scientists and intrepid adventurers, as well as the daughter of a missing explorer, in an expedition to the depths of the Brazilian jungle. The small team are not disappointed. The wild area is infested with hungry prehistoric monsters and unpredictable monkey-men. As proof of their discovery, Professor Challenger manages to bring a brontosaurus back in a steel cage. It breaks open on its arrival at the Museum and the monster begins a terrifying rampage of the city.

Tam de Villiers: Guitar
Julien Soro: Keyboards
Edouard Séro-Guillaume: Bass and Keyboards
Stéphane Scharlé: Drums and Keyboards

By enriching their music with synthetic sounds and borrowing certain constructions from minimalist electronica, in this film-concert, OZMA has developed an original and resolutely modern sound identity. The musicians pay close attention to contrast, and to a variety of timbres and instrumentations. They place emphasis upon certain components of the ensemble according to the needs of the film’s narration: the softness of a solo guitar, the depth of a bass / organ duo or all the power of the sound of the quartet playing in tutti.

Following in the footsteps of live pianist accompanists of the silent film era, OZMA mixes composition and improvisation. The musicians move through the score with flexibility, gravitating at times around the written motifs and then moving away from them temporarily to emphasize a gesture, support a feeling or “play” a character. They then re-join and federate around the compositions which act like a regular musical rendezvous.

In this way the music marks distinctly the many stages one experiences throughout this fantastic journey. – Show for all ages 8 years and up!

OZMA is a set of gutsy musicians with an irreproachable technique who uphold a jazz influenced by rock, pop and world music: a resolutely modern universe for a music both adventurous and accessible! Since 2001 OZMA takes us on a journey: imagine John Coltrane invited as a guest with Rage Against The Machine, Maceo Parker jamming with Radiohead, or a Keith Jarrett sitting-in with the best New Orleans brass bands.

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Under the leadership of drummer Stéphane Scharlé and bassist Édouard Séro-Guillaume, OZMA has six albums to its credit and 15 years of exciting projects. A real penchant for music and image with creations of photo-concerts (“20!” Tribute to two decades of democracy in South Africa or “1914-1918 d’Autres Regards” reviving photographic archives of the first war, as well as numerous Film-Concerts (C.T. Dreyer’s Vampyr, Buster Keaton’s The Three Ages , and Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin).

As if on a globe-trotting binge, OZMA also has 15 years of voyages and musical meetings under their belt with more than 300 concerts on 4 continents, collaborative projects in Burkina Faso with Mandingo musicians in 2008, Nepal in 2009, Canada in 2010, or even the incredible transcontinental show OZMA and Darpana created in Gujarat in 2012 with Indian musicians and dancers.

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