PMB plays big role @ Hilton

TQ Zondi and Mpilo Nzimande
TQ Zondi and Mpilo Nzimande

Mega thanks to all Pietermaritzburg artists who contribute to the festival: from theatre, book launches and lectures to visual art, craft, music and the amazing Bird/Fish.

2016 sees the city of Pietermaritzburg playing a diverse role at the Hilton Arts Festival: from theatre, book launches, lectures and multimedia installations to music, visual art and craft

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The Hexagon Theatre showcases the amazing talents of TQ Zondi and Mpilo Nzimande in Greig Coetzee’s Termite and Andrew Buckland’s Feedback. They are joined by young star Jonathan Cohen in Fugard’s Master Harold … and the Boys. All are directed by Peter Mitchell. It is a feather in the cap of these talented young men that they represent KZN’s contribution to the drama aspect of the festival. Break a leg!

BIRD/FISH – a multi media installation and dance
BIRD/FISH – a multi media installation and dance

Annalie Kleinoog presents Trails of Yesteryear. She says: “This is about my chaotic journey from discovering and identifying old wagon tracks, to publishing a book. It is really more a guide to make everyone explorers in their extended back gardens, than a reference book!”

Not to be missed is Bird/ Fish highlighting the talent of Kristin NG-Yang. Her exhibition includes Installation, performances, prints, drawings and photographs. It deploys metaphors that allude to the ephemera of air and water, of love being subject to fate. The visual work and music is meditative on life’s journey into inevitable oblivion. The audience may interact with the tactile installed elements after a live performance. Special and not to be missed ….

With over 100 visual artists and nearly 200 quality crafters gathered at Hilton, it is remarkable how many are local. Veronica Herbert is a professional artist whose love of our wildlife and wild spaces has inspired her paintings. She paints detailed studies of our birds using handmade paper, and including plants and flowers from their natural habitat. Her landscapes are more impressionistic in style, capturing mood and atmosphere. Skies with ever changing colours, infinite horizons, threatening storms and the rich colours of autumn and winter are her favourite themes. She has her own art gallery “Art on Victoria” in Pietermaritzburg.

UKZN Press presents three book launches:

  • Zulu Plant Names: Adrian Koopman details the complex relationship between plants, the Zulu language and Zulu culture. Zulu plant names do not just identify plants, they tell us a lot more about the plant, or how it is perceived or used in Zulu culture. Intriguing tales ….
  • Writing Home: Lewis Nkosi on South African Writing; Edited by Lindy Stiebel and Michael Chapman: Nkosi’s insights into SA literature, culture and society first appeared in the 1950s, when the ‘new’ urban African in Sophiatown and on Drum magazine mockingly opposed Verwoerd’s Bantu retribalisation policies.
  • Diaspora and Identity in South African Fiction: JU Jacobs contends that in the contemporary SA Novel the African, Afrikaner, Coloured, English and Indian identities are fractured and conflicted rather than homogenous.

Music from ‘Maritzburg is well represented by Christopher Duigan’s Music Revival Concert Series (see previously published article) as well as The Hairy Legged Lentil Eaters (Sat 17 Sept in the evening), The Bifocals (Friday 16 September in the evening) and The Pietermaritzburg City Orchestra who will give a free concert on Sunday 18 September.

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