Power or Powerlessness – A World Out of Joint

Power or Powerlessness - A World Out of Joint - Probenfoto © M. Menke
Power or Powerlessness – A World Out of Joint – Probenfoto © M. Menke

Bi-continental dance production delves into the nuances of power in a production by Vuyani Dance Theatre and steptext dance project, Out of Joint.

Multi-award-winning and internationally celebrated choreographer Gregory Maqoma created Power or Powerlessness – A World Out of Joint with industry colleague German-Austrian choreographer Helge Lentonja.

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Maqoma comments, “It is exciting to be bringing Out of Joint to a South African audience at a time when we are experiencing such political turmoil and insecurities. The work was created as a response to the experiences of human indignity all over the world.”

The process of developing the production was one of exchange and collaboration in 3 phases, Lentonja spending a few weeks with the VDT dancers in Johannesburg and Maqoma doing the same in Bremen, both choreographers interpreting the issues around power in their artistic view. The last phase was when all 6 dancers and the creative team came together in Bremen to form an integrated cross-cultural melting pot of creativity which opened an experiential world to both the artists and the audience.

“Gregory and I met when he brought his work to our festival in Bremen and we were excited to share our artistic visions. Through this eagerness to work together Out Of Joint was born and we both agreed to an extraordinary way of artistic collaboration. Choreographing together – one artistic team with two artistic languages. Each one of us creating in the country and with the dancers of the partner. Then responding to the artistic proposition of the other. Finally allowing a new third language to come into existence by mixing the two languages. This form of creation demands our skills, courage and trust and we are very enthusiastic about it,” says Helge Lentonja.

The production will run from 17 August until 20 August at the Fringe at Joburg Theatre and travel to the Jomba Festival in Durban with performances on 23 and 24 August.

“We are thankful to the National Lotteries Commission (NLC), the Nationales Performance Netz (NPN) and Joburg Theatre for helping Vuyani Dance Theatre and steptext dance project realise this leg of the production in South Africa,” says Siya Dokoda – VDT’s Producer and Marketing Manager.

For bookings: Joburg Theatre – www.joburgtheatre.com

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