Redhill School call for crafters and food vendors


Redhill School has opened applications for craft and food vendors for Redhill School’s Night Market and Redfest 2018.Redhill School Night MarketRegistrations for 2018 are open!  Applications for Craft and Food Vendors for Redhill School’s Night Market and RedFest 2018 are requested. Applications close on Wednesday, 27 June 2018.Redhill School is situated in the leafy suburbs of Morningside, Sandton on Summit Road. There are two events that we host each year where we call for craft and food vendors.

The Night Market on 14 July is a ‘get together’ for the school community and residents in Morningside, adjoining Bryanston and the greater Sandton area. The Night Market is open on one night only on 14 July from 17:00 to 22:00.

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RedFest runs over a weekend. This year the festival runs from Friday evening September 28 to Sunday 30 September.

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